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The Krnl Exploit is probably one of the simplest script execution exploits for Roblox. There are few crashes with Krnl because it is extremely stable. The appliance and system folders will be checked when an application requires krnl.dll. The KRNL software may not function properly if the file is missing.

In such a situation, you need to either delete the entire KRNL Folder and re-download it after you turn off the anti-virus software on your Windows. Otherwise, you have to download krnl file and move the file to the krnl folder on your pc. Let’s discuss about it even more clearly.

krnl dll is missing

Why Is Krnl Dll File Missing?

Here are some possible reasons for the krnl.dll file is missing. I am pretty sure that you will be facing any one of the issues listed below.

  • The krnl file that you have downloaded might be corrupted.
  • The krnl software that you have download might be flagged by the antivirus on your pc.
  • You might have accidentally deleted krnl.dll file.
  • Anti virus scanning might have deleted the krnl.dll and krnlAPI.dll file from your pc.
  • Outdated version of the krnl executor might cause this api missing error.

Let’s now find out the ways by following which you can fix this issue.

How To Fix Krnl.dll File Missing Error?

1. Download Krnl Dll File

The very first thing that you can try is download krnl.dll file from this page. Don’t worry, we have tested things and yes, it’s working this way.

   Krnl.dll Download

Once you finish downloading the above given file, please move the file to the krnl installation folder. You can try running the krnl executor now. If still not working, let’s try out the next method.

2. Download KrnlAPI Dll File

Have you clearly observed what’s wrong actually? yes, it might be due to the fact that krnlapi.dll is missing. Let’s download it from the below button.

   KrnlAPI.dll Download

Done with the download? now, you have to copy the file and paste it in the krnl installation folder. Test the things and yes, it should work now. If not, kindly check out the next method.

3. Download & Install Krnl.EXE Latest Version

This is definitely the best method that you can rely upon whenever you face krnl.dll file misses. Check out the simple instructions shared below.

  • Download krnl.exe latest version from our download page.
  • Drag the file from the downloads folder to the desktop location.
  • Now, kindly, disable the anti virus on your personal computer
  • Select the installation file and double click it.
  • As usual, you need to hit “Install Anyway” option to proceed with the installation.
  • Done, you can now test things.

This will definitely help you with the issue. Still not working? let us know the exact issue in the comments below.

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